Greg Shelnutt

As a sculptor, I am primarily concerned with the manifestation of ideas through the manipulation of form. I think of my sculpture as a form of story telling, be it forceful and overt or subtle and mysterious in its approach. I endeavor to create works that provoke the viewer into questioning accepted notions about culture.

Sculpture particularly asks us to investigate the assumptions we must make daily to negotiate the physical, emotional and spiritual world in which we live: What are the qualities of plane, line, mass, color and texture, of ordinary objects? Looking deeper, we inspect the internal relationships among the characteristics of an object. How does this affect its external meaning? How do we assign value to the physical world as we encounter, interact, and ultimately, as a result of those interactions, alter it? 

From this perspective, I create work that is accessible to a broad public on numerous levels, both as interesting physical objects and as catalysts for introspection and dialogue.